Clark to Bloomberg: Go back to New York City

February 28, 2020

KINGSPORT — Republican candidate for the First Congressional District, John Clark, released the following statement today to coincide with Democrat Presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s scheduled Tri-Cities rally.

 “Liberal Mike Bloomberg embodies the elite, big-government agenda that is such an affront to our way of life here in Northeast Tennessee,” Clark said. “Bloomberg’s anti-gun agenda has no place here and, frankly, he isn’t going to find a very warm welcome in the Tri-Cities. As a proud gun owner and NRA member, I know I speak for thousands of my neighbors here in the First District when I say Bloomberg should go back to New York.”

“I’m going to fight every day to help re-elect President Trump. As the next Congressman for the First District, I’ll fight in Washington against the big city liberal socialist agenda that wants to take our guns and our liberty,” Clark added.