June 4, 2020

For many years, leaders in Washington believed that trade would lead to positive reform in China. What initially began as promising progress has unfortunately yielded results in the wrong direction. There’s no doubt that the Chinese regime is authoritarian and the Chinese Communist Party is responsible for some of the world’s most outrageous human rights abuses. Today, Communist China is more of a police state than anything else, with the movements of Chinese citizens tracked constantly.

Now, Communist China has unleashed a global pandemic. Their misrepresentation of the severity of the coronavirus in the early part of the crisis directly led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands across the globe, including more than 100,000 Americans. We must demand restitution from Communist China for the billions of dollars this virus has cost the United States.

It’s time to take a new approach to our relationship with China. We have to get tougher and hold the Chinese Communists accountable for their actions on the global stage.

My young parents fled the Cuban Communist regime. They immigrated here legally so that I could have a chance at the American Dream. I know better than most the destruction to lives, families, and nations that the Communist regimes cause. As your Congressman, I’ll work with President Trump to get tough on Communist China and help put American jobs and American lives first.

Here’s What We’ll Do

1) Manufacturing: I was the first candidate in this race to call for the return of our critical medical and national security manufacturing infrastructure from China. We can’t rely on China to be good partners in a future crisis. This is particularly important when it comes to pharmaceuticals – the life-saving drugs Americans rely on every day – as well as medical equipment.

2) Trade Policies: We need and want to trade with China but we’ll implement trade agreements that put America first and protect American jobs.

3) Protecting Intellectual Property: We’ll focus on ways to protect the intellectual property of American inventors and American companies from Chinese theft.

4) Public Diplomacy: Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and so it’s critical to ensure that Americans and the world at large bear witness to the civil rights abuses taking place under the Chinese Communist Party. This should be a renewed focus of our foreign affairs committees, State Department and diplomats.

5) Restructuring our Debt: China owns a substantial portion of our debt. We should restructure that debt on terms that are much more favorable to American taxpayers.

6) Ban on Dangerous Chinese Companies: Chinese companies who are bad actors and pose a
back-door threat to our national security, like Huawei, should be banned from doing business in the US.