John Clark Announces Release of Jobs Plan

May 18, 2020

KINGSPORT — John Clark, former Mayor of Kingsport and Republican candidate for the First Congressional District of Tennessee, announced today the release of his Jobs Plan to help President Trump rebuild the economy and bring jobs back to Northeast Tennessee.

“Earlier this year we were celebrating the best economy of my lifetime,” Clark said. “Now, we’ve been hit by an invisible enemy and it’s been devastating for jobs and economic growth across the United States – even here at home in Tennessee. I’m confident that, under President Trump’s leadership, we will return to the roaring economy we had before the pandemic. To get there, we need leaders in Congress who know what it takes to create jobs.”

“I’m the only candidate in this race with a real jobs record. I also intend to be a candidate of substance, sharing my ideas and policy priorities on a range of issues,” Clark added. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has been a gut-punch to our economy. Just a few months ago, we had the strongest jobs market of my lifetime. As the pandemic ends and Americans get back to work, we need to rebuild effectively and bring back the jobs that were lost. The future of our country and region depends on it.

No other candidate in this campaign can compare with my record on jobs. From helping to create jobs during my years in the private sector to bringing more than 3,000 jobs and $651 million in private investment to our region as a Kingsport elected official on our local economic development team – I know what it takes to right the ship and get us back to work.

My number one priority as your Congressman will be to work with President Trump to rebuild the economy and bring jobs back to Northeast Tennessee.

Here’s What We’ll Do

1) Prioritize Regulatory Reform: To help get our economy moving again, I’ll prioritize my legislative efforts in Washington around regulatory reform so we can reduce the red-tape and bureaucratic barriers to job creation.

2) Job Creation Tax Cut: I’ll support and pass legislation to give small businesses a tax cut for every new job they create.

3) Bring Manufacturing Supply Chains Home from China: I’ll work to pass the “Protecting our Pharmaceutical Supply Chain from China Act” to bring critical medical manufacturing back from China. Additionally, I’ll introduce legislation to help repatriate critical national security manufacturing from China.

4) Support Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs are our job creators but they often face unnecessary obstacles to capital funding that they need to grow their businesses. I’ll work to support entrepreneurs by introducing legislation to help remove those barriers.

5) Jobs Summit: As your Congressman, I’ll host a Jobs Summit here in the First Congressional District to create and implement a plan that identifies the jobs available in our manufacturing, healthcare, and automotive services industries and the workforce skills required to fill those jobs.

6) Economic Development Specialist: As part of my commitment to constituent service, I’ll include an economic development specialist on my district Congressional staff to help facilitate regional economic development efforts.

7) Local Partnerships: My role as your Congressman will be to serve as a hands-on representative, partnering with local business and community leaders, and elected officials to recruit jobs to our area and help existing businesses grow and prosper.