John Clark: Bring Pharmaceutical Supply Chains Home from China

March 23, 2020

KINGSPORT — In light of the current coronavirus pandemic, John Clark, candidate for US House in Tennessee’s First District, announced his support for legislation that would end our dependence on Chinese supply chains for critical pharmaceuticals.

“The phrase ‘Made in America’ has never been more important,” Clark said. “It isn’t just a slogan – it’s a recognition that key sectors of our economy including technology production, healthcare-related manufacturing of all kinds, and, in particular, pharmaceuticals need to be manufactured right here at home.”

Clark said that, “The fact is, we can’t trust the Chinese Communist Party to do the right thing in normal times, so we certainly can’t trust them in a crisis like we face today. Over the last few decades, American pharmaceutical supply chains have become overly dependent on China for critical, life-saving drugs. That has to end.”

Clark applauded Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn for her leadership in introducing the “Securing America’s Medicine Cabinet” Act in the US Senate. Clark also expressed support for legislation introduced by US Senator Tom Cotton and US Representative Mike Gallagher – the “Protecting our Pharmaceutical Supply Chain from China Act” – designed to help repatriate pharmaceutical manufacturing from China. 

“Bringing this kind of manufacturing back home isn’t just a public health measure – it’s a national security imperative,” Clark added. “My family fled Communist Cuba and I understand better than most the true nature of these kinds of communist regimes. That’s why I’m so strongly supportive of this legislation and, if it isn’t passed in this Congress, I will proudly join as a co-sponsor next year as a freshman Member of Congress. Additionally, I will commit to leading the effort to make ‘Made in America’ the mandate for all our critical national-security supply chains.”

More about the Cotton/Gallagher legislation can be found here.