US Term Limits Pledge Signed by Clark

April 21, 2020

KINGSPORT — John Clark, former Mayor of Kingsport and Republican candidate for the First Congressional District of Tennessee, is the first candidate in the open TN-01 Congressional race to sign the US Term Limits Pledge. The Pledge is a commitment to serve no more than three two-year terms in Congress. 

“I want to go to Congress to make a difference and get something done,” Clark said. “When a job has an end-date, the motivation to work hard and get results is even greater. That’s true in business and it’s true in politics. Some may say that three terms is not enough time to get anything done in DC. Well, I reject that. We accomplished a lot in my two terms as Mayor.  And if the liberal socialist Democrats all seem to find ways to get their pet projects accomplished in short periods of time, why can’t we Republicans?”  

“I’m not a career politician,” Clark continued, “and as Mayor of Kingsport, I limited myself to two terms in office because I didn’t believe it was a job for one person forever. I feel the same about Congress. Our Founding Fathers wanted Washington, D.C. to be a place that public servants visited for a brief period of time, did the people’s work, and went back home to live under the laws they had made. I hope by signing the term limits pledge I can encourage others, including my opponents, to take the same approach.”